Super Bowl XLVIII will encompass the classic battle between offense and defense, as Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos’ top-ranked attack will clash with Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks’ top-ranked defense. Sherman stole the spotlight with his post-game rants after the NFC Championship game, but now he will have to answer the bell with it solely on him, and Manning throwing passes to the receivers he is trying to cover. The Seahawks have certainly answered the challenges they have faced to this point in the year, and that has led to a handful of Super Bowl 48 betting prop bets that stand out heading in to Super Bowl week.

There are Super Bowl prop bets for nearly everything that will be a part of the game, from the coin toss to the time length for the national anthem, and more. The one prop bet that stands out from the rest in regards to Seattle is the team point total for the game. The Seahawks’ number is listed at 22.5, meaning they would have to score 23 or more points in order to go over the total. The Seattle offense has had its share of highs and lows throughout the year, but Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch have made this group more consistent than most. The Seahawks may not score six touchdowns in this game, but three touchdowns and a field goal is definitely a strong sports betting possibility.

Another prop to like is the first half total, which takes from the prop above. The Seahawks’ first-half total is listed at just 10.5 points, a mark they will be able to top with a pair of touchdowns. That number will be very important heading in to the game, especially if it drops below 10. Seattle should be able to score against this Denver defense, so it makes sense to be on the first-half over as well.

A lot of the official numbers from player prop bets haven’t been released yet because of the unknown weather heading in to the week of the Super Bowl, but one player for Seattle that is definitely worth a close look at is Lynch. The Seahawks will try to pound the rock and keep it out of Manning’s hands as much as possible, and with the potential for winter conditions including snow, Lynch should get a ton of touches. Keep an eye out for Lynch’s total rushing yards prop, as it could have very good value.

The final prop worth investing in based on the weather is the field goals kicked by Seattle. Pete Carroll decided to attempt a 50-plus yard field goal in the NFC Championship game despite his kicker saying it was a bad idea, but he may think better of it this online betting week with the snow and heavy winds affecting the potential for field goals. The Seahawks’ field goal total is listed at 1.5, and the Under is definitely worth considering as the kickoff nears.

The Super Bowl is a matchup of number one seeds, and it’s a matchup of the top defense and the top offense from a statistical perspective. This is a heavyweight confrontation in every way.

Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos – Sunday, February 2

Betting line: Broncos -1

Why Seattle Will Win

This is the Seahawks’ moment to win their first Super Bowl. Seattle is in great position to win this game on a number of levels.

What also has to be said is that while Seattle’s offense is still struggling, it could benefit a great deal from bad-weather conditions in East Rutherford, N.J. The early long-range weather forecast for the game calls for temperatures somewhere in the mid-30s at kickoff time (which is 6:30 p.m. Eastern time), with an outside possibility of snow flurries. Temperatures would drop as the game goes deeper into the night, creating the kind of environment in which the Seahawks’ power running attack could overwhelm Denver’s defensive line. Marshawn Lynch is a tougher running back than any running back the Broncos faced in the AFC playoffs.

The bad weather might include gusty winds, though that’s hard to predict at this point. It is a fascinating football betting question, though: If the winds are severe, can Peyton Manning throw the ball down the field with any success against Seattle’s cornerbacks? If he can’t, Seattle gains a big advantage.

Why Denver Will Win

The Broncos were the best team on Sunday – no, not just against the New England Patriots, but of all four teams that played in conference championship games. Denver was physical on both sides of the ball. Its rush defense was superb, its pass defense held up, and its offensive line was extremely good. Peyton Manning played at the height of his powers, and one has to remember that as long as there aren’t significant winds at MetLife Stadium, the NFL’s best passer should be able to throw the ball where he wants when he wants to throw it. Manning is in such control of himself and the Denver offense right now. It is so hard to outsmart him on the field. Seattle has to develop a powerful pass rush that can punish Denver’s offensive line and simply rob Manning of time. However, as long as Manning gets time, it’s unlikely that he’s going to make mistakes in terms of his choices and reactions. Assuming that Seattle can’t take the ball away from Manning, Denver should be able to get its fair share of points – maybe not 30, but at least 24 or 27, and with the way Seattle’s offense has been struggling, 27 points probably stands to be enough for the Broncos to win.

Who Will Win

It is true that the Seahawks have a fantastic defense, but their offense seems to be in trouble against a Denver defense that is finding people to play well in place of injured starters such as Von Miller and Chris Harris. The Broncos are the legitimately better team and will win.

NFL Betting Pick: Broncos -1

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Roulette can be a pretty easy game for even the most novice betting newcomer to understand. There are several kinds of bets you can place on a roulette wheel, but they can all be condensed to two different kinds of bets. When you understand all of the betting options available for roulette, then you can increase your chances of winning.

The most common kind of roulette that most online casino bettors use is referred to as an outside bet. The outside bets are the ones you usually see the characters in movies and televisions shows make when they put money on black to win. An outside bet is when you bet on black or red to win, or you bet on an odd or even number. There are also column bets you can place that are pretty easy to identify and understand.

When someone places a bet on black odd to win on roulette, that is an outside bet. Because these outside bets are the easiest to place, and also give the highest chance of winning, they are the lowest paying winners on the table. Since you only have a 50 percent chance of losing on your bet, it tends to lower the payout that you get when you win. It is the inside bets that people focus on when they want to make big money.

The adventurous sports betting players who want to try to get a 35 to 1 return on their bets will usually give a straight-up inside bet a try. This bet is exactly as it sounds. It is a straight-up bet on one number on the wheel. If the marble lands on your number, then you win a 35 to 1 payout. It sounds simple, but it rarely happens. That is why this is the highest paying bet on the board.

A corner bet is an inside bet that gives you a chance to win on one of four numbers. It gets its name from where you place the chips when you place your wager. You put your chips on the corners of four adjacent numbers and then take your chances.

The double row inside bet pays 5 to 1 and involves the border lines where the numbers meet. With this kind of bet you can wager on up to six numbers at the same time and increase your chances of winning.

A split inside bet is similar to a corner bet, but it only involves two numbers. Instead of placing your chips on the corners of four adjacent numbers, you would place your chips on the line separating two numbers and you would be placing your bet on those two numbers.

The row inside bet is also known as the street bet. You may see the street bet indicated on the outside border of the board. This is a bet you can place on three numbers at the same time by placing your chips in the appropriate spot on the outer ring of the table.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets have faced off one time this season, and it ended in an ugly 31-point Thunder victory. The Thunder were without Russell Westbrook the last time these teams squared off, so it’s conceivable this game ends the same way. The Rockets however are playing better basketball as of late, and have won four of their last five games and are now just 3.5 games behind the Thunder in the Western Conference standings.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets
Thursday, January 16, 2014 – 9:30 PM ET
Odds: Thunder -2

What To Watch For From The Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have looked like a different team since losing Westbrook as they continue to lose to bad teams despite Durant putting up big points. The sports book spread for this game will likely be miniscule, or possibly nonexistent considering the Thunder are short-handed and playing some of their worst basketball of the season.  The good news is that Durant has scored 30 points or more in each of the last four games, and Reggie Jackson has done a nice job filling in for the injured Westbrook. The Thunder may be the favorite heading into this game because of their record, but this is a game that easily could go either way, and thus is a hard one to predict.

What To Watch For From The Houston Rockets

As previously noted the Rockets have won four of their last five games, but all of those wins were against teams currently below .500. This shows they can beat the teams they are supposed to, but may struggle against the better Western Conference squads. James Harden has been hot since January began as he’s averaging 28 points, six rebounds, and five assists per game. He’s finally becoming a multi-dimensional offensive player that can not only score from all areas of the court, but affect the game in more ways than just shooting. The Rockets have advantages all over the court, except the small forward position, but the real question will be whether or not the stars show up.


While I fully expect Durant to put up more than 40 points just by himself, the Thunder are currently putting too much pressure on their superstar to lead them. While Durant is leading the team with 34 points per game in the month of January, the second leading scorer on the team in that time is Jackson, who averages just 14 points per game. The Thunder simply don’t have the players to beat the Rockets right now, which is why I’m going with the home team in this matchup.

Pick: Rockets

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The Miami Heat lost games on back-to-back nights in New York State last week. The Heat aren’t in a state of crisis, but they do need to re-establish order in their season this Wednesday.

Miami Heat @ Washington Wizards – Wednesday, January 15

Why Miami Will Win

When basketball betting experts look at this game, they’re going to ask themselves, “Can the Heat really lose three games in a row?” Miami lost to New York last Thursday and then fell to Brooklyn in double overtime on Friday, marking the second time in two trips to Brooklyn that the Heat came up short against the veteran Nets. It’s true that Dwyane Wade’s physical health is an issue and will continue to remain that way for the rest of the season, possibly for the rest of the superstar’s career. However, even with Wade at well below full strength, the Heat really have no business losing twice to the Nets, who beat Miami in early November as well. Miami lost to New York on a night when the Knicks had Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton healthy again, so that loss was not too much of a shock. Losing the next night to Brooklyn had to be particularly frustrating for the Heat, especially since a number of people around the NBA are now wondering what might happen if the Heat and Nets somehow meet in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Miami is hearing all this talk, and it has to make the two-time defending champions a bit unsettled and angry. Expect the Heat to come out and make a statement against the Washington Wizards, who – while full of potential – have not been able to produce a winning record through the first 35 games of the season. What should really help Miami here is that the Heat have not played since Friday. A weird four-day break in the schedule should enable the Heat to play at or near their best.

Why Washington Will Win

When people in the online sports betting legal community look at this game, they’re going to note that Miami has been off since Friday. This is, on one level, an advantage for the Heat, in that they’re going to have fresher legs. However, athletes are also creatures of routine, and Miami’s sense of regular rhythm is going to be nonexistent in this game. The Heat, like other NBA teams, have been playing at a steady rate, but a four-day gap in the schedule has brought Miami’s competitive machinery to a halt. It is very easy to envision a scenario in which the Heat play without a lot of cohesion at both ends of the floor. Miami might play with energy, but it might not play with much precision or smoothness. If that’s the case, Washington will win.

Who Will Win

While it is true that Miami could be stagnant and sloppy in this game, the reality of a two-game losing streak will get the Heat’s attention. Miami should be able to focus on this contest and put the Wizards away in the fourth quarter.

NBA Betting Pick: Miami

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Anybody that has ever visited a Casino on a Saturday night can testify to the atmosphere in the building, and just how exciting it can be to get in on the live betting action. There really is nothing like playing in front of a packed house, and while it
could be intimidating for some the first time around, understanding the basics of the Poker card room heading in to the initial experience can make all the
difference in the world.

The first thing that every new player should keep an eye out for when they head in to the Poker room is The Board, which is what the board with all of the
games listed on is referred to as. The majority of the boards are now electronic, but they could be on a white board. The boards are complete with a full
list of the games, including the names of the different games and the limits of the game. The online sports betting fans that have had experience in online casino forums will understand the boards as
soon as they see them, and for those that haven’t, it makes sense to check it out ahead of time online.

Most Poker card rooms have chip runners that will exchange cash for chips right at the table, so it doesn’t take any time at all to get in to the action
once you find the game that you want to play. There will be a table minimum listed at every different game, so make sure to check that out when you get
there and buy in. Some tables will require new players to wait until it is their turn to post the big blind in order to get in to the action, while others
require a blind as soon as they sit down, but the table dealer will definitely inform you when you sit down so don’t be worried.

The majority of tables also have rules about cell phones and tablets, so sports betting players that
want to also keep an eye on game action will have to be aware of that. Some tables will require that players leave the table to use their cell phone, while
others will simply make sure that cell phone use doesn’t slow down the game. Whatever the case, just make sure you are aware of the rules, and do your best
to enjoy the game rather than being distracted, since it’s hard to win when you’re not concentrating anyway.

The final thing to remember is that any dispute that you may have can be resolved by The Floor. Any time that you run in to a situation that you feel needs
to be resolved, just simply ask the dealer for the floor, and someone will come along to resolve the issue. Nothing can replace the intensity and
excitement that comes with playing live Poker, so now that you understand the basics, don’t be afraid to take that first trip to the Casino.

The Brooklyn Nets have found a way to win four games in a row, and have done so against some pretty impressive teams. Their most recent victory was a four-point win over the Golden State Warriors, but now they must take on the Miami Heat, who were on a three-game winning streak heading into their Thursday matchup with the New York Knicks. The Nets have really struggled this season, but with a 14-21 record they are still very much alive in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

Miami Heat @ Brooklyn Nets
Friday January 9, 2014 – 8 PM ET
Odds: Heat -8

What To Watch For From The Miami Heat

Although the Nets are trying to extend a four-game winning streak, the Heat are still the eight-point sports betting favorite. They are one of the better all-around teams in the league that can put up big points, and play suffocating defense as well. These teams met once this season already and it surprisingly was a 101-100 Nets victory. The Heat shot relatively well in that game so beating the Nets this time around may not be as easy as it seems. The Heat continue to ride their starters hard by forcing them to play over 30 minutes a game, and fatigue could set in considering they faced the Knicks 24 hours prior. The Heat are still the team to beat in the East, and as long as they play defense this time the game should fall in their favor.

What To Watch For From The Brooklyn Nets

The Nets could be turning their season around as three of the four teams they beat this past week have a record above .500, and they now hold the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.  Even more surprising than a four-game winning streak is the fact they have done so without the held of Brook Lopez, who had foot surgery last Saturday and is expected to be out the remainder of the season. Lopez’s height is where the Nets had an advantage over the Heat, but now that he’s out they will rely heavily on the play of Andray Blatche who is averaging 11 points and 6 rebounds per game this season.


The injury to Lopez really makes it hard to pick the Nets even though they’ve been hot since he went down for the season. Players are stepping up in his absence, but I doubt that will continue against the Heat as they play just as good of defense as they do offense. This game is in Brooklyn, where they are 9-9 this season showing they clearly have failed to take advantage of their home crowd. The Heat have a lot to overcome with this eight-point spread, but I still have them pegged as my sports betting pick.

Pick: Heat

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Former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold received a harsh welcome to the UFC from Vitor Belfort when he suffered a first-round knockout loss after taking a spinning heel kick to the head back in May of 2013. Nearly one year later, Rockhold will take another shot inside the Octagon. Rockhold will look to pick up from where he left off before his streak of nine-straight wins came to an unceremonious end, as he competes as a substantial online sports betting favorite against Constantinos Philippou at the upcoming UFC Fight Night event.

UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Philippou
(10-2-0) Luke Rockhold vs. Constantinos Philippou (12-3-1)
Saturday January 15, 2013
The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Georgia
UFC Sports Betting Line: Rockhold – 400

Rockhold is listed at minus-400 right now, as his surprising loss to Belfort has hardly shaken his overall stock moving forward. Philippou lost to Francis Carmont via unanimous decision the last time he was in the Octagon, and despite a strong record his resume doesn’t necessarily translate with very many top names.

UFC Betting Preview: Luke Rockhold

The 29-year old Rockhold made the trip to Brazil looking like he had a decent shot at making a splash in his UFC debut, but instead he was knocked out by Belfort just 2:32 in to their bout. An excellent grappler that likes to bide his time and wear down his opponents, Rockhold was caught somewhat off guard by Belfort in the loss, and will be anxious to get back in the win column. Rockhold’s strength is on the mat where he can wrestle his opponents and work the submission game, as evidenced by his six-career submission wins. He will likely turn to that game to keep Philippou under control and wear him down, although he has to be careful of his opponent’s quick strike ability.

UFC Betting Preview: Constantinos Philippou

Philippou isn’t an elite fighter and doesn’t have the best takedown defense, so he could be vulnerable on the ground. The one area he does excel is in his striking, and you have to believe in this match up that he would love to stand up and exchange blows. Philippou is well-rounded enough to go the full three rounds with Rockhold and play a technical game, which makes it more likely he will come out in attack mode and look to score the decisive blow. Six of Philippou’s 12-career wins have come via knockout compared to just one submission, so look for him to try and stay on his feet.

UFC Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

Philippou is a still a dangerous fighter capable of ending this fight with a single blow, and that will keep some sportsbook reviews fans from risking such a high price to bet Rockhold. However, the chances are much greater that Rockhold responds to his last loss with a much more careful effort, and does everything he can to keep the fight on the ground where he can best maintain control. Rockhold is the more complete fighter of the two, and he should be able to earn the nod as long as he doesn’t get caught for the second fight in a row.

UFC Betting Pick: Luke Rockhold – 400

With the NFL playoffs here there are only two games scheduled for Sunday, and while they each present some intriguing online sports betting match ups, a decent NBA slate can more than make up for it if players are
looking for more action with three games that even the casual basketball fan should have their eyes on with the chance to make some money.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Detroit Pistons

Sunday, 1:00 PM ET

Nobody expected the Pistons to do much this year besides potentially ownership, which could be the only group troubled by why they can’t floor a winning
combination. Detroit has lost three-straight to fall to five games below .500, and perhaps the only surprising part is that they have maintained a .500
record on the road. However, that means they are five games below .500 at home, which is where they will be this Sunday when they host an underachieving
Memphis team. Unlike the Pistons, the Grizzlies were actually expected to make a playoff run with a team talented enough to compete for a top-eight spot in
either conference. Memphis has struggled in the West, but they should be able to squeeze out a live betting win in this Sunday matinee.

NBA Betting Pick: Memphis Grizzlies

Golden State Warriors @ Washington Wizards

Sunday, 6:00 PM ET

One team that has shown no signs of slowing down in the West is the Warriors, which have won seven-straight games to pull within one of the Los Angeles
Clippers for top spot in the Pacific division. Golden State can score in bunches with Steph Curry continuing to morph in to one of the game’s brightest
stars right before our eyes, and most teams have trouble keeping up with them regardless of whether it’s at home or on the road. That’s not likely to
change when they take on Washington this sports betting weekend, as the Wizards simply don’t have the
firepower to keep up with a team as talented as the Warriors, particularly when they are as hot as they are right now.

NBA Betting Pick: Golden State Warriors

Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers

Sunday, 9:30 PM ET

The Lakers were supposed to be a much better team once Kobe Bryant made his return, but he didn’t last long before getting hurt again, and now Los Angeles
is just trying to stop the bleeding after six-straight losses. A visit from the Nuggets might help, as they are the only team that has a longer losing
streak going after dropping eight-straight. The Lakers aren’t going to challenge for a playoff spot, but they do have a lot of pride, and will do what they
can to win now. Denver isn’t nearly as dangerous on the road as at home even though they have fairly identical records, so look for Los Angeles to finally
find a way to get back on track as one of three teams that are worth investing in this NFL Wild Card weekend.

NBA Betting Pick: Los Angeles Lakers

The “riggin for Wiggins” theme is in full effect throughout the NBA, as teams continue to push for the worst record and the chance to draft college star Andrew Wiggins with the first-overall pick. That theme is most noticeable in the East, where only three teams have winning records to open the New Year, including the defending NBA champion Miami Heat, which are back in action this online sports betting weekend.

Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic
Saturday, 7:00 PM ET

The Heat is one game back of the Indiana Pacers as of Thursday night, and they won’t have it easy the rest of the way as those teams look to fend one another off for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Indiana clearly realizes how important the home advantage is, and will look to beat Miami out for top spot to grab a hold of it for a potential East Final series. That will mean both teams bringing their best as they try and win the games they are supposed to, so there is little reason to expect them to slow down against inferior opponents. Orlando has held its own despite a limited roster, but don’t expect them to pull off the upset this weekend.

NBA Betting Pick: Miami Heat

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Minnesota Timberwolves
Saturday, 8:00 PM ET

The Thunder are back on top of the Western Conference standings thanks to a strong record both at home and on the road, but they face a tough match up this weekend at Minnesota. The Timberwolves have underachieved with a .500  live betting record to this point, but they should be able to create match up problems for Oklahoma City with Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic down low. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have continued to rank among the elite scoring tandems in the league, but the Thunder still isn’t very big down low. Both teams are capable of putting up a ton of points, so look for Minnesota to come out on top in what should be another high-scoring game.

NBA Betting Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves

Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs
Saturday, 8:30 PM ET

The Spurs are right behind Oklahoma City in the West standings, keeping pace even though they have had to deal with a ton of injuries. San Antonio will face another tough test this sports betting weekend, as they take on a Clippers’ team that will be ready to try and steal a game on the road in a tough spot. Los Angeles certainly has the weapons to put up some points, and it will be interesting to see how the Spurs handle them. San Antonio should have its big three intact for this game though, and the Clippers may not be mentally strong enough to beat them on the road just yet. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan continue to play at an elite level, and the Spurs are simply dominant at home when they are healthy.

NBA Betting Pick: San Antonio Spurs